Power of Poppy - Why this is the best Caffeine alternative to Treat Under-eye Circles.

Power of Poppy - Why this is the best Caffeine alternative to Treat Under-eye Circles.

Wave goodbye to the days of hiding behind concealer and coffee, there is a new hero ingredient that’s setting the standard for vanquishing dark under-eye circles. Step aside, caffeine – this plant based active ingredient is ready to take the throne. Enter: Red Poppy Seed Extract, the star of Sibling Skincare's Early Riser Eye Cream and your new best friend for looking like you've had your beauty sleep, even when your Netflix binge says otherwise.

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Derived from the seeds of the enchanting red poppy flower, clinical studies showcase the Red Poppy Seed Extract’s ability to improve skin micro blood flow, trigger lipolysis, and enhance skin density. This triple-threat action effectively reduces dark circles, eye bags, and promotes an overall radiance that’ll have you ditching your concealer.

But it doesn’t stop there. Unlike caffeine, which offers a temporary band-aid solution, Red Poppy Seed extract delivers a comprehensive, long-term fix. It works tirelessly to support your skin's structural integrity, ensuring that the delicate under-eye area remains resilient against the everyday stressors that contribute to those dreaded dark shadows.

Why Red Poppy Seed Extract Outshines Caffeine

Caffeine has long been the go-to for a quick fix, working its magic by constricting blood vessels to temporarily reduce the appearance of dark circles. But what if we told you there’s a more holistic approach to not only concealing but genuinely treating those pesky signs of sleepless nights and stressful days?

Naturally outshining caffeine, Red Poppy Seed Extract is chosen for its remarkable ability to reduce dark circles and improve skin density, firmness, and radiance. But how, you ask? It’s all in the power of enhancing micro blood flow, directly diminishing under-eye puffiness and dark circles. Unlike caffeine’s fleeting effects, Red Poppy Seed Extract offers a comprehensive, safe solution by also triggering lipolysis (breaking down fat) and supporting the skin's structural integrity.

Red Poppy Seed Extract vs. Caffeine

Red Poppy Seed Extract vs. Caffeine in Eye Cream

Benefits of Red Poppy Seed Extract for the Under-eye Area

Harnessing the power of nature, Red Poppy Seed Extract is a gentle yet effective ingredient that soothes and firms skin without the harshness of synthetic additives. The Red Poppy Seed Extract's natural benefits have been known for centuries but it has now been clinically proven to fight dark circles, and under-eye bags, enrich skin radiance, and firm skin. 
Suitable for Sensitive Skin 

Delicately designed for even the most tender of complexions, this superhero extract plays nice with all skin types. Red Poppy Seed Extract is here to pamper your under-eye area without any fear of irritation or unwanted guest appearances. Did we mention that our Early Riser Eye Cream contains no fragrance? 

Reduces the appearance of Under-eye bags

Wave goodbye to those pesky luggage bags under your eyes. Red Poppy Seed Extract works tirelessly to de-puff and refresh your eye contour, ensuring you look like you’ve had a full eight hours of sleep, even when your reality says otherwise.

Doesn't pill under make-up

With its fragrance-free and non-greasy composition, Red Poppy Seed Extract is the skincare equivalent of a best friend for your makeup. It leaves behind a silky after-touch, thanks to its fast-absorbing formula that wraps your skin in immediate comfort without any sticky or oily residue.

Minimises visibility of dark circles

With its stellar ability to enhance micro blood flow, Red Poppy Seed Extract lightens and brightens the under-eye area, making dark circles a thing of the past. It's like turning on the lights to reveal a more vibrant, awake version of you. See below in a consumer study, how after 4 weeks of consistent use, the Early Riser Eye Cream has significantly reduced the appearance of dark circles and brightened the under-eye area.

Before & After with Reduced Dark Circles with the Early Riser Eye Cream
Improves skin’s overall density, elasticity and firmness, luminosity, and radiance

This botanical powerhouse goes beyond the surface to improve your skin’s structural integrity, boosting its density, elasticity, and firmness. The result? An under-eye area that's not only less prone to wrinkles and sagging but also glows with an inner luminosity and radiance that’s hard to miss.

Ecocert Approved ✅ 

For those who are not only skin-conscious but also planet-conscious, Red Poppy Seed Extract comes with the Ecocert seal of approval. This means it meets strict ecological and biological standards, ensuring that it's sustainably sourced and produced. It's skincare that you can feel good about on all levels.

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Why Make the Switch?

Making the switch to Red Poppy Seed Extract, as found in the Early Riser Eye Cream, is like choosing a well-balanced diet over a crash course; it’s about sustainable results that not only make you look good but feel good too. With its ability to offer more than just a quick fix, Red Poppy Seed Extract stands out as the best caffeine alternative for treating dark undereye circles, ensuring you put your best face forward, day in, day out.

So, are you ready to let the natural brilliance of Red Poppy Seed Extract illuminate your under-eye area? Say goodbye to temporary solutions and embrace the lasting radiance with Early Riser Eye Cream. Your future face will thank you.

Early Riser Eye Cream with Red Poppy Extract for Reducing Dark Circles

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